Buying a property is a huge process that for many is the most expensive decision they will ever make. There are a lot of legal ramifications and potential pitfalls that can arise when purchasing a home. Making sure you have the best professional working for you is crucial to reaching your goals in the least amount of stress possible.

“The best time to buy a home is 5 years ago” ~ Ray Brown


1. Make sure your agent is full-time and available. Real estate does not just happen 9-5, Monday through Friday. The Denver real estate market moves very fast and to stay competitive you need an agent that is available when your dream property hits the market.

2. A great agent is also one that will listen to you and you feel comfortable with. A good listener will help you save a lot of time and heartache by finding out what you truly want in a home and only showing you properties that meet your must-have list.

3. Communication is key! Make sure the agent you hire is contacting you regularly and through your preferred method of communication. If they don’t return your calls promptly, is the agent really working hard for you?

4. Check to see if they have additional training and certifications. A good agent will always be striving to learn more and excel in their market.

5. Check the agent’s history. They should be more than willing to show you the neighborhoods they specialize in and their track record for working with buyers and sellers in the areas you are considering.

“Justin was great advisor and partner throughout our whole buying process. We were going through a move from another state to Colorado which provides a set of logistical challenges that weren’t challenges with him helping out. We found a house fairly quickly and he took care of everything from  there. I have bought several houses and this by far was the easiest and best experience. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in the Denver Area.” ~ 5-Star Client Review

Justin Phillips

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The Hunt is on!

> Since you are thinking about buying real estate, now is a great time to sit down and really evaluate what you truly want. It is a great idea right at the beginning of your search to create your “wants” and “must-haves” list.

> Start checking out some online real estate sites so you can get a feel for values and neighborhood amenities. It doesn’t hurt to jump in the car or hop on the bike and go cruise through the neighborhoods you are interested in. Visiting the neighborhood during different times in the day and different days will give you a great idea of how busy or quiet the area is.

> Evaluate your finances. How much house can you afford and what expenses do you anticipate. A Realtor can definitely help you look at the big picture to make sure you don’t become “house-poor”.


> Congratulations! You found a house you want to buy. It is crucial to make sure the contract offer is complete, triple-checked and a complete package along with proof of funds or pre-approval letter, and any other required supplemental documents.

> It is always a great idea to follow-up with the listing agent after submitting the offer. Setting the precedent of an open communication line between the agents can be crucial during the more difficult contingencies in the contract process.

> Be prepared to start scheduling inspections, appraisal and walkthroughs from the moment your offer is accepted. Things move pretty fast and having a great agent that keeps you informed helps insure that you don’t miss any deadlines.

> If you ever have any questions during any part of the transaction please don’t hesitate to call your agent. Every real estate transaction is different, but drawing upon your agents experience, will provide you with the possible scenarios so you can get the outcome you want.

> Once you are almost all the way done with the contract, it is time to schedule your closing and final walk-throughs.


> Congratulations on getting to closing for your new property! Make sure you show up on time, with all your required identification and financing in place.

> Keep the gifts coming! In addition to getting the keys, I always get some sort of gift for my clients!

> Moving time! If you need help with recommendations for movers, reach out to your Realtor. Chances are they know several past clients that recently moved and can provide some great references.

> Get ready for home ownership – chances are you will want to add some personal touches to your new property. Whether that is refinishing the floors, to landscaping to knocking down walls, your agent should have some great referrals for you.